Public Data Mining

Understanding and analyzing public records


Law firms have a vested interest in understand patters in court decisions. In many countries, there is a lack of transparency in decision processes and clear outcome differences depending on place of trial and seasonality.

Under these circumstances, law firms need a strong partner that can collect and process court and legal documents in order to mine insightful information.


The project combined over 100 regional and federal data sources consisting of case documents, public records of judge assignments and historical court records. The sources were combined and linked in a single database.

The data were arranged so that connections between regulations, court cases and client outcomes could be made. It was then possible to explore outcomes by using an interactive querying tool.

Furthermore, the system was designed in such a way that adding more data would improve the overall quality of the database.


The database and querying tool allowed to client to better understand patterns in judicial decision processes and make informed decisions to the client’s benefit.

Having more clarity allowed the client to make decisions with more self-confidence. The client is able to inform and consult clients with arguments that are backed by empirical data.

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