Social Media Analytics

Modelling media engagement and audience growth


Our client owns several social media outlets on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. They were looking to identify the following key metrics:

  • Customer segments and their engagement with the brand
  • Customer sentiment towards the brand
  • Growth behavior across all channels


In order to get an understand of the data, Data Kernel first combined all information in one central data warehouse. That meant having to ingest real time streams from 3 sources.

Trend data was made accessible using a dashboard that gives client a real-time overview of brand interactions.

We then applied NLP techniques to allow the client to better understand sentiment tendencies to recent postings made by them.

In order to give them a perspective on long-term trends, we assembled a detailed report telling them which keywords and topics show the best growth behavior.


The client is able to better focus their social media outreach. They can move forwad with more confidence while promoting their own products.

It is Data Kernel’s key priority to make sure clients receive rich and comprehensive tools for real-time data understanding. Therefore, they are now able to make competent decisions and have a high degree of autonomy.

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